Thursday, June 18, 2015

Emgoldex Team Prestige

Emgoldex Team Prestige

Need investment? try our gold, 
Emgoldex is online store that sale GOLD.
Like ebay , Amazon, alibaba and other online store are purpose to sell product,

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS INVEST AS LOW AS 1,042,00 /Share or 36,500.00 for 35 share or solo slot

Investment Amount = number of share and amount to give after exit


If you invest in our Team prestige or any other team with legit emgoldex Account
you automatically fill the slot of the 8 table on preliminary table or level 1
per table have a 35 slots /shares each of them must invest Php 36k if you want a solo table
or pinoy ( like we do) style you can share to others with your php1,042/ share you need a 34 person included you to full the 1 table
or as max as 35 shares ,
Logical the more share you buy the more you exit money multiply please Check the table of investment above.

If some one or your friends /family /relatives want to join to they will be on lvl slots too and if 
8 table is full with 35 slots per table your position will be down to lvl 2 and system will display 8 tables again until your table reach the last slot a  level 4 after level 4 bingo you got a first exit with the gold reward or exit money that equivalent on your amount of share/shares

After the 1st exit of your account you automatically qualified on 1st table ans SO on 


Simple Rule

Congrats your may now get your Reward gold.. Don't want gold 

4 options for your Gold reward

1. Gold to Cash - your can sell your gold to company and convert it to cash emgoldex will send the money via wire transfer bank to bank
2. Gold to Coupons -convert your gold to coupons and sale to your teams or other emgoldex members 540euro /Coupon
3. Gold Send to your home - emgoldex can send your piece of gold right in your doorstep via secured mail carrier or courier , e.g UPS ,DHL and others

4. Gold to safe -  you can place your gold bar to emgoldex safe house keeping in germany with the interest of .01%  per month  

thanks for your time to drop by if you want more information about this business please fill free to ask me ..
skype: rikki.mortel
Gmail: mateomatias05@gmail,com
Facebook : FB account
or txt/call :09493689147
BEWARE OF SCAMMER : Don't Believe the person that will take your money (Cash) without show you they team, they FB page or emgoldex account all payments must be in bank transaction not in cash mode. unless you know that person well.
Others person used FB page pictures or any others materials from legit person or team 
to scam other people that willing to invest please try to contact the emgoldex or investigate first. 

thank you and  remember time is gold